ABAGTA Premium Kosher Wines

ABAGTA wines, receives his name from the father of the wine-press“ABAGTHA” To be considered kosher, Sabbath-observant Jews must supervise and sometimes handle the entire winemaking process, from the time the grapes are crushed until the wine is bottled and any ingredients used, including finings, must be kosher.

Under the supervision of the orthodox union Kosher Supervision OU Kosher Certification Agency by Rabbi Itzhak Shaked  An original Bnei Brak ( Israel ) yeshiva scholar, was a student of the famous Rabbi Elazar Shach. He was sent by this Rabbi more than 37 years ago to Chile in order to establish there an Orthodox Jewish community. He and his wife Rachel built a big, successful, and active Jewish community in Chile. Rabbi Shaked is acceptable by Rabbi Wagshal ( US ), OU, Rabbi Robin, Badatz Edah HaChareidis Jerusalem and more.